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Traditional Massage

New to massage? A Swedish massage is a great place to start. During treatment, your Knead Relief therapist will use smooth, gliding strokes along with kneading and stretching to provide total relaxation to mind and body.


Deep Tissue Massage

A more focused therapy, deep tissue massage uses more intense pressure across the body's muscles. Treatment is often used to stimulate circulation and manage chronic muscle tension.

At Knead Relief, we offer an extensive variety of treatment types, sure to suit your needs.
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What our customers are saying

Kristina A.

December 2015

"I like how quiet it is and how fast I get in and out. I love the back room before a massage to just relax and take a deep breath. The staff is very friendly and very professional." - Julie L.

Cheyanna W.

December 2015 (internal use only)

"Very clean and professionally run. I would pay just to sit and enjoy the quiet room!" - Leslie K.

Stephanie T.

December 2015 (internal use only) 

"Very relaxing atmosphere, and Stephanie gave a great massage " - Maren B.

Christine S.

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Everything! It's beautiful inside, very relaxing, very professional and I wish i could come everyday! My last massage was with Christine, and she did an incredible job! Great place all around! - Elaine F.

Patrick P.

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"Very professional, i like that it feels like a place of healing and serenity without trying too hard to 'pamper' " - Elaine P.

Cheyanna W.

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There are several outstanding therapists. I had Cheyenne this week and she definitelyis among the best. The online reservations are also invaluable. I don't always think of reserving while the office is open so I can start the process online at any time. The feedback comes back quickly. - Doug H.

As a client, you are the center of Knead Relief and our staff is here to help you experience all the benefits of massage. We welcome you to stop in and meet our staff today!

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The myKneads program allows members to visit our center on a monthly basis and receive treatment at a discounted price. Members are also given access to various offers and benefits such as discounted additional sessions and savings on retail body care products. We know that getting massage treatments on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and mind, and the myKneads program can help you do just that. Become a member today and begin to experience the relief you need. You’re worth it!